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The Cosmos Co.

Meet the co-creators

Hello and welcome to The Cosmos Collective - we are Zoe and Sarah. 

Through a shared love and connection to the earth and holistic health, and a shared desire to create a collective of holistic health practitioners for the wider community, The Cosmos Co. was born. 

Together our mission became to not only create a safe space for healing, but to create a world where alternative health and well-being is available and accessible to all, and no longer considered 'alternative'.  

Zoe is a Creative Arts Therapist and Sarah is Holistic Counsellor, and we both share a passion for nurturing others through all aspects of their being, mind, body and spirit. 

Our intention is to help our community to take back ownership of their health and help them to feel supported and empowered to heal themselves in a way that works for them. 

Photo of The Cosmos Co. Co-Creators and Owners
Cosmos Flowers

Our Name

Everything the cosmos flower symbolises: order, harmony, balance, tranquility, peace, love and joy, is exactly what The Cosmos Collective aims to represent. 

We believe that healing should always bring you back to the earth. Our aim is for The Cosmos Co. as a collective to help our community to grow like a cosmos flower, beautifully and in their own time, with roots strongly connected to themselves, others and the earth, enabling them to bloom.

Corten texture.jpeg
Corten texture.jpeg

Our Vision

Here at The Cosmos Co. we believe that we are not simply a part of nature, but that we ARE nature. With a closer connection to the earth, we believe people can begin to heal and feel a greater sense of overall well-being, balance and calmness. 

And that is exactly our vision, to provide a healing sanctuary for individuals to connect to themselves whilst connecting to the earth. 

Trees and plants outside The Cabin
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